Please, please fullview. Even at this size, you’re losing some line fidelity. Oh god, I’m going to have to color this aren’t I. 

Aradia: Soay Sheep
Tavros: Wild Water Buffalo
Equius: Giant Eland
Nepeta: Tamaraw
Terezi: Klipspringer
Kanaya: Pronghorn
Vriska: Chital 
Gamzee: Greater Kudu
Karkat: White Tailed Deer
Feferi: Gemsbok
Sollux: Four-horned Antelope
Eridan: Impala


Some more Piratestuck designs, a good way to end the year I think~


nobody asked for this but while i was looking for redglare i found an unfinished file with everyone + their ancestor. i will never be able to finish it now because it’s super old and i don’t remember what brushes i used. this was done enough though so i’m posting it.

terezi is the only one who doesn’t know or care about where she came from but i think she is also the most likely to actually have a positive relationship with her dad. everyone else in this file is miserable, especially kanaya who is alone right beside them doing this



A bunch of troll/human hybrid mugshots from The Path Unwinding / Fuzzgrubs AU. 

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I’m Undressing You With My Eyes

And Then Also Redressing You In Something Less Tacky With My Eyes

Oh Burn


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pas de deux!

because i definitely needed to spend hours on a homestuck painting right at the beginning of the semester

so here’s the finished piece and some detail shots, including one of rose right side up!

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Here’s these in a photoset. The lowblood set. I most likely going to finish all these today. the singles are here x x x x x x

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